Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 144

The military board of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan has sentenced an officer of the country’s air defense forces to death as an agent for Armenia. Karen Barashev, a native of Baku of mixed Armenian and Talysh parentage who served with the ex-Soviet troops in Azerbaijan, was later recruited in Russia by Armenian intelligence and sent to Azerbaijan under a false identity as a Lezgin. His main assignment from 1993 until his arrest in 1996 was to sabotage Azerbaijani radar installations while also collecting military intelligence. Three codefendants were sentenced to terms ranging from 5 to 11 years in prison. (Turan, Russian agencies, July 22-23) Last week the same Court sentenced an agent of Russian military intelligence to 11 years in prison. (See Monitor, July 16)

No Russian-Azerbaijani Agreement on Border Troops.