Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 27

The Russian Security Council was scheduled today to discuss safety conditions at Russian nuclear power plants, chemical facilities, and other military installations, as well as problems in the defense industrial sector and the conflict in Chechnya. Reports suggested that the first two issues would dominate the agenda. The Russian government has made a number of moves in recent weeks aimed at shoring up Russia’s hard-hit defense industrial sector, and the meeting will likely look to systematize those efforts. Reports said that attention will be given to providing increased financial support for research and design facilities that are deemed to be of strategic significance. Efforts to accelerate research and development of a new generation of weapons for the Russian armed forces will also be on the agenda. Funding for these efforts will reportedly be raised by halting production of obsolete military hardware. (4)

…As Ilyukhin Calls for Review of Defense Sector Privatization.