Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 92

At its September 10 special session, "on NATO’s unleashing war in the Balkans," the Duma voted 258-2 for a set of resolutions which included:

–The Russian government should call a UN Security Council session to examine the "aggression" and "mass-scale killings of civilians" by NATO in Bosnia;

–President Boris Yeltsin should sign the Duma’s August 12 bills terminating Russia’s participation in the international economic sanctions against [rump]Yugoslavia and which impose Russian economic sanctions against Croatia;

–Russia should suspend its participation in NATO’s Partnership for Peace program;

–The Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarus parliaments should hold a joint session and issue joint proposals for a peace settlement in ex-Yugoslavia;

–The Russian government should consult with other CIS member countries and establish a joint stand on the conflict in ex-Yugoslavia.

— Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev should be dismissed for having failed to bring Russian influence to bear on the situation, a result of his "serious errors" and "the Foreign Ministry’s obvious pro-Western orientation."

Kremlin Sets Up Anti-Terrorism Center.