Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 3 Issue: 12

On April 10, the European Parliament of the European Union formally adopted a resolution “on the situation in Chechnya.” In this resolution, the parliament reaffirmed its position that “there is no military way to solve the problems in Chechnya” and called upon “all parties involved to seek an immediate cease-fire and a political solution to the conflict.” The Russian presidential human rights representative to Chechnya was urged “to step up the commitment to pursue any perpetrators of human rights abuses, be they members of the Russian federal forces or Chechen terrorists, and to bring them to justice.” The parliament urged its delegation for relations with Russia “to set up, with its Russian counterpart, a Joint Working Group on Chechnya with the aim of monitoring the situation and investigating reported human rights violations and to report back to the European Parliament” (European Union, April 10).