Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 100

Yegor Gaidar, former prime minister and leader of the "Russia’s Democratic Choice" party, told UPI September 21 that, in his view, the upcoming parliamentary elections are the last chance for the nationalists and communists, and that in the absence of a nationalist power grab, the prospects for stability and economic progress in 1996 are good. The nationalist threat, however, must be taken seriously, he said, warning that isolating Russia, particularly on policy toward the former Yugoslavia, could make this threat more likely. He did not, however, see NATO expansion as a threat, provided that Russia’s interests were respected. Gaidar was confident about his party’s chances to break the five percent barrier for representation in the Duma, but was less so about the prospects of uniting democratic forces. "The economy," he added, "is the area I’m least concerned about."

Situation in Chechnya Still Critical.