Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 93

The Russian prosecutor’s office extended the prison term of controversial entrepreneur Dmitri Yakubovsky, who was accused last January of attempting to steal an ancient manuscript worth over 1 million dollars. Yakubovsky, who is also known as "General Dima," made his name in 1993, when he was illegally promoted by deceptive means to general’s rank, and obtained the peculiar position of representative of the Russian government’s security services community. At that time, Yakubovsky was exposed by then security council secretary Yuri Skokov, who stripped him of his rank and expelled him from government service. Later on, Yakubovsky took part in the campaign accusing former vice president Aleksandr Rutskoi of corruption. After investigation, this campaign was recognized as a Yakubovsky fabrication. Remarkably, this campaign also involved acting prosecutor general Aleksei Ilyushenko. Ilyushenko’s present disfavor with Yeltsin is attributed by Moscow observers to testimony Yakubovsky gave in prison against Ilyushenko. (11)

Russian-Moldovan Troop Withdrawal Agreement–A Dead Letter.