Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 90

An anonymous Defense Ministry spokesman told the media that he has proof that the explosion in the Sarajevo marketplace which generated massive NATO air strikes on Serb positions in Bosnia was "staged" by Western intelligence services. According to the spokesman, Russian military intelligence (GRU) has obtained information that the explosion, which killed at least three dozen civilians, was not the result of shelling by Bosnian Serb artillery, but was caused by a handmade bomb from an extremist Bosnian Muslim group recruited by Western intelligence services. The Defense Ministry spokesman refused to say which services he had in mind, but said that the GRU had received information on this bombing a week before it occurred, and handed it over to the governments of the US, Germany, and Croatia. The Defense Ministry spokesman seems to be ignoring the fact that the shelling of the Sarajevo marketplace was established and confirmed, not by NATO, but by the United Nations.1

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