Publication: Monitor Volume: 4 Issue: 128

Ingushetia’s acting interior minister Daud Korigov has been released from pre-trial detention in Moscow. Arrested four months ago when he arrived in the capital to be confirmed in his ministerial post, Korigov was accused of abuse of office and of encouraging Ingushetia’s police to act in a lawless manner toward law officers in the republic. In reality, Moscow’s quarrel is with Ingush president Ruslan Aushev, whose instructions Korigov was carrying out. The root of the conflict is Aushev’s claim that he, not Moscow, should have the power to appoint judges and prosecutors in the republic. According to Moscow, Aushev’s claim is “illegal and unconstitutional.” Aushev says Korigov’s arrest was made in retaliation against his own, principled position. (Kommersant-daily, July 2)

Korigov’s unexpected release was ordered by the Prosecutor General’s Office on the guarantee of State Duma Deputy Speaker Mikhail Gutseriev. However, charges against Korigov have not been dropped. He will reportedly still have to stand trial. (Kommersant-daily, July 2) His release may be explained by the exacerbation of the political situation in the North Caucasus. Moscow appears to have realized, somewhat belatedly, that it will need Aushev’s support if calm and stability are ever to be restored in the region.