Ingushetia: APC Collides with a Civilian Car, Again

Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 9 Issue: 14

An automobile belonging to a member of the local police force in the Ingush city of Malgobek was blown up on April 7, Interfax reported. The explosion took place after the policeman parked the car outside his apartment building and went inside. No one was hurt in the blast. Another bombing took place in Ingushetia on April 7, when an explosive device went off in the Nasyr-Kortovsky municipal district of the city of Nazran. Citing law enforcement sources, Itar-Tass reported that the bomb, which had a force equivalent to as much as a half kilogram of TNT, was planted near the bridge across the Nazranka River. The blast left a hole a half meter in diameter and 30 centimeters deep, but nobody was hurt.

On April 5, unidentified gunmen fired on a column of police and military servicemen traveling in a KamAZ truck and an armored personnel carrier in the village of Neseterovskaya, located in Ingushetia’s Sunzhensky district. According to Kavkazky Uzel, two policemen were lightly wounded in the attack. The following day, April 6, an armored personnel carrier collided with a small car in Nestersovskaya, badly injuring the driver. According to the Associated Press, about 200 angry villagers surrounded the APC and agreed to disperse only after police arrived at the scene. The news agency reported that the car’s driver, Khusein Yevloyev, who works as an ambulance driver, was hospitalized in serious condition. Last November, an Ingush woman was killed when she was run over by an APC as she was returning home from shopping. As the AP noted, in that incident the APC stopped only after people who had witnessed the killing gave chase in three cars.

Kavkazky Uzel on April 8 quoted Magomed Mutsolgov, head of Ingushetia’s Mashr human rights group, as saying that since 2002, there have been five accidents involving armored military vehicles and civilian transport in which civilians have been killed or seriously injured.