Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 114

In the wake of declarations from Boris Yeltsin, Boris Nemtsov, and Ivan Rybkin, Chubais has also issued a statement detailing his family’s income and wealth. In 1996 he earned a hefty 1.71 billion rubles ($296,000). Of this total, 39.65 million rubles was accounted for by his salary as First Deputy Prime Minister and presidential chief of staff, and 1.68 billion rubles came from "fees for lectures and consultations and returns on transactions with securities at the time of working as the general director of the Private Property Center." As of January 1, 1997, Chubais had bank accounts totaling 815 million rubles. He paid income tax of 517 million rubles for 1996. His family owns a two room apartment in Moscow worth 284 million rubles, a small plot of land for private construction near Moscow worth 35 million rubles, and a Suzuki car worth 212 million rubles. Apart from 20 shares which he obtained through the voucher program, he owns no other securities. (Russian news agencies, June 10)

Russian Central Bank Tightens Grip.