Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 44

In a step that may provokea new outburst in the Ukrainian parliament, president Leonid Kuchmahas reconfirmed Vladyslav Datsiuk as his chief prosecutor, Russianradio reported July 1. Ten days ago, the Ukrainian parliamenthad stripped Datsiuk of his office for alleged corruption. Theparliament claims that it has the right to do so under the constitution;Kuchma argues that only he can take that step under the accordreached in June between the parliament and the president. In othermoves, Kuchma told Spiegel in advance of his visit to Germanythis week that he would press for Western assistance to closeChernobyl, and for more German investment in Ukraine, reiteratingwhat he had told a meeting of Ukraine’s diplomats on June 29,and that he was considering sending a negotiator to the formerYugoslavia to try to help the peace process there.

Crimean Election Results Reported.