Publication: Monitor Volume: 4 Issue: 73

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and the Ukrainian navy began large-scale war games on April 14, which will last through April 22. The exercises will involve combat and auxiliary ships (some forty Russian and seventeen Ukrainian), aircraft (undisclosed number of Russian, nine Ukrainian), armored vehicles (forty Russian, forty Ukrainian). More than 3,000 Russians and 2,000 Ukrainians will participate. The coastal artillery and air defense of both sides will also be involved, as will Russia’s North Caucasus military district land-based aviation.

The two forces are conducting separate combat exercises, each under its own command, in accordance with its own training programs. They are scheduled to practice artillery and missile fire against surface and air targets, the hurling of depth charges and amphibious landings. One joint activity in these exercises involves interaction in search-and-rescue operations. The area of the war games encompasses northern, northeastern and central portions of the Black Sea. (Ukrainian and Russian agencies, April 14 and 15)

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