Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 13

Former Russian security supremo Aleksandr Lebed traveled to Washington yesterday after a high-profile visit to Germany, where businessmen and politicians were keen to meet with the man who calls himself Russia’s next president. Lebed, it has been revealed, was invited to attend President Bill Clinton’s inauguration ceremony today by a Republican senator acting on the request of one of his constituents. Sen. William Roth, a Republican from Delaware who heads the Senate Finance Committee (which has jurisdiction over international trade) has also scheduled a 20-minute meeting with Lebed. President Yeltsin’s press spokesman dismissed Lebed’s attendance at the inauguration, saying it was "a purely domestic event" to which tickets can be purchased for "as little as $150." Lebed is to travel tomorrow to Wilmington, Delaware, and New York City. He will depart for Russia the following day. (AP, UPI, Itar-Tass, January 17; BBC World Service, January 18)

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