Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 56

Retired Lt. Gen. AleksandrLebed told Interfax July 19 that he would run for a Duma seatin Tula, the home base of a paratroop division he once commanded,but he refused to say whether he would run for president in 1996.In response to questions, he suggested that Yeltsin might noteven hold elections, lest he have to "account for the collapseof the country, the 1993 shooting of parliament, privatization,and Chechnya." Lebed told Pravda the same day thathis electoral bloc–led by the Congress of Russian Communities–wouldget up to 20 perent of the votes in the Duma elections and lookedto the Democratic Party of Russia and to Arkady Volsky’s Entrepreneurs’Union as potential allies in the new parliament. Recently, however,Volsky has shifted toward an alliance with Chernomyrdin’s "Russiais Our Home" bloc. In yet another statement, Lebed told Moskovskynovosti (no. 48) that understanding defense minister Grachev’scharges against him would require a greater "knowledge ofpsychiatry" than Lebed possessed.

Former Soviet Premier to Head Opposition List.