Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 103

Ecological damage to Lithuania stemming from the Soviet military presence in the country over a 48-year period amounts to approximately $1.75 billion, according to the Lithuanian environmental protection ministry’s investigation. The amount includes direct damages during the occupation, and cleanup costs since. The result, just presented to the state commission for the study of damages caused by the occupation, constitutes only one of 16 components of the overall damages inflicted on Lithuania. The state commission approved September 26 a program to assess the overall damages in 16 categories, which include loss of human life, persecution and discrimination of citizens, property damage to individuals, groups, and the state, damages to the Church, losses to Lithuanian culture, and other criteria. Economics minister Alexandras Vasiliauskas heads the state commission for damage assessment. (10)

Moldovan President Appeals to Council of Europe on Russian Troops.