Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 213

Fatherland Union-The Conservatives and that party’s allies increased their gains in the new Lithuanian parliament in the second round of the legislative elections. Held on November 10, the second round involved runoffs in the single mandate-constituencies. The final returns, issued yesterday, show that the FU will have 70 seats, the Christian-Democrats 16 seats, and like-minded "rightist" or "center-right" groups 5 seats, for a total of 91 of the 137 seats adjudicated in the two rounds of the election. Repeat elections will later be held in four, mainly ethnic Polish constituencies where the turnout was insufficient for a valid election. The hitherto governing Democratic Labor party, which had won an absolute majority in the preceding elections (1992), obtained only 12 seats this time. Originating in the reformist and pro-independence wing of the Communist party, the DLP lost popularity because of its perceived mismanagement of reforms and involvement in corruption.

President Algirdas Brazauskas, whose political roots are in the DLP, told the country on radio that he is prepared to work closely with FU and its allies. Brazauskas reminded the public that he had forced LDP prime minister and party leader Adolfas Slezevicius and other officials tainted with corruption to resign. FU and CD leaders, meanwhile, reaffirmed their campaign pledges to accelerate free market reforms, pursue a clear-cut Western orientation, and seek to improve relations with Russia. (BNS, ELTA, Radio Vilnius, November 11 and 12)

Russia-Ukraine: Visit off, Pressure on.