Militant Leadership Monitor – July 2014

The July issue of Militant Leadership Monitor begins with briefs on Islamic State militants. Hassan Aboud recently defected to Islamic State and brought with him the group Liwa Dawud. Abu Sayaah Tiyaara leads a besieged chapter of Islamic State in the Damascus suburbs, far from the group’s power base. Mairbek Vatchagaev illuminates a Crimean Tatar fighting in Syria, Abdul-Karim Krymsky. Following this is a sketch of Dr. Allah Nazar, the leader of a Baloch separatist group, by Abubakar Siddique. Then Muhyadin Ahmed Roble gives a glimpse of the dilemma facing former al-Shabaab spokesman Mukhtar Robow. Finally, Reuben Wilson is profiles Reuben Wilson, a former militant leader in MEND advocating on behalf of other former militants.