Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 9

Claiming that any government can get 80% of the information it needs by reading the foreign press, the chief of Lithuania’s state security service said that his men were engaged in doing precisely that. Jurgis Jurgiailis said that Vilnius lacked the funds to do anything else, Trud reported April 19. In other comments, Jurgiailis said that Lithuania was the only former Soviet republic from which “absolutely” all KGB officers had been withdrawn by Moscow, even though he suggested that many of the 2,000 KGB men were loyal Lithuanians who could have been useful to the building of his service. Nonetheless, he acknowledged that not all of the former KGB influence was gone, and he said that Lithuania was trying to develop both a secret intelligence arm and a counterintelligence capacity.

Belarusian President Moves Against Constitutional Court.