Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 11

The old Odessa curse has a new meaning. Inthe first quarter of 1995, Russians received more income for entrepreneurialactivity (43.5%) than they did from wages (40.3%), Izvestiya reported May 11.The paper also noted that Russians were buying more foreign currency_15.2% oftheir incomes as against 12.4% a year ago–and lowering theirruble-denominated savings accounts–11.4% as opposed to 7.1% of incomes a yearago. That pattern will make it more difficult to stabilize the ruble,especially since the amount of hard currency coming into the country has beenfalling recently. In February 1995, only $860 million came in, down from $2.6billion in January, Finansovye izvestiya reported May 11.

Yeltsin Allows Gubernatorial Vote In Sverdlovsk.