Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 115

Moldovan president Mircea Snegur told the media yesterday that "he does not doubt Yeltsin’s victory" in the runoff and that "only Yeltsin’s victory guarantees the continuation of Russia’s reforms… and of equitable bilateral relations." Snegur stressed that he "ruled out any outcome other than Yeltsin’s victory." Parliament chairman Petru Lucinschi told the media that Yeltsin has wide opportunities for maneuver in the second round and that "the case is practically closed" in Yeltsin’s favor. Lucinschi added that Chisinau-Tiraspol talks "are predicated on the continuation in office of Russia’s existing leadership." (Flux, Basapress, June 27) Snegur’s assessment reflects his strategy of sticking with Yeltsin in all circumstances as "champion of Russian democracy" with undiminished confidence that Yeltsin will ultimately resolve the Transdniester problem.

Lebed Favored, Yeltsin Spurned by Russian Citizens in Moldova.