Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 128

The Progress Aviation Company in Arsenev, near Vladivostock, has become part of the Moscow Aviation Production Organization (MAPO). Progress produces the Kamov Ka-50 and Ka-52 attack helicopters. The move marks another step in the effort to organize the defense industry along more vertical lines. Previously there had been a sharp distinction between design bureaus and manufacturing plants.

More than 12 organizations make up the military-industrial group MAPO, including the MiG and Kamov design bureaus. MAPO was the first company given a license to export its products without going through the state-owned Rosvooruzhenie arms export company. MAPO will be able to provide much-needed money to Progress, which also built Mil and Antonov-designed helicopters and planes and which has faced financial difficulties because of a dearth of government orders. Progress had been using a bank loan to pay its workers. (Itar-Tass, June 29)

Other CIS Countries’ Exports to Russia Down Sharply.