Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 108

Sources in Russia’s Justice Ministry indicated yesterday that unresolved problems continue to hinder renewal of the Jewish Agency’s registration for operations in Russia. (See Monitor, May 2 & 6) It was revoked in early April. According to a Justice Ministry representative, the Jewish Agency had incorrectly registered itself in 1992 and then proceeded, contrary to Russian law, to establish subsidiary offices throughout Russia. The official also charged that Israeli secret service personnel, including representatives from the Mossad, were involved in the agency’s operations. For this and other reasons, the official concluded, the agency’s activities in Russia could be construed as interference in Russian internal affairs and as actions inconsistent with Russia’s national interests. (Interfax, June 4)

Those last remarks tend to corroborate an earlier Russian newspaper report suggesting that Russia’s own intelligence community is behind the revocation of the Jewish Agency’s Russian registration, and that talk of legal irregularities may be mostly a pretext for curtailing its operations. (See Monitor, May 17)

Mounting Anxiety over CFE Treaty Changes.