Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 30

Moscow’s failure to pay workers in the Strategic Rocket Forces and at nuclear research sites have not yet, but could, undermine security there, officials at both have told Russian media in recent days. Russian television on June 9 featured an SRF commander who said that Moscow must pay his people on time or security could be a problem. Officials at the Arzamas-16 laboratories had the same message on Russian television the day before. Rossiiskaya gazeta on June 8 even reported that there had been a strike by workers there because they had not been paid. Also on June 9, Pravda reported that the Smolensk atomic energy station was in trouble: its reservoirs for storing used fuel are almost full. And Rossiiskaya gazeta on June 9 said that Yeltsin had issued a decree closing a nuclear submarine base near Murmansk to improve security there.

Moscow to Go Ahead with Nuclear Sales to Iran.