Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 15

In order to fight a rising tide ofcounterfeiting of government documents, the Russian government announced thatorganizations who issue the invitations foreigners need to obtain visas willnow have to use a standard form issued by the state, Moskovsky komsomoletsreported May 17. The program was introduced in Moscow and Saint Petersburgthis week and will soon be extended to the entire country. Thatcounterfeiting has become a serious problem in other spheres as well washighlighted by an article in Stolitsa, no. 18. That magazine noted that evenMoscow militiamen will tell Muscovites where they can go to get falsedocuments and said that counterfeiters were now selling Moscow StateUniversity diplomas for 7,000 rubles–approximately $1.40.

Father Men’ Murder Case Suspended.