***Note to our readers: Retraction of statement in November 9, 2010 EDM article by Taras Kuzio. Click to read full retraction.

Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 7 Issue: 210

Note to our readers:

In an article by Taras Kuzio in EDM on November 9 (“Yanukovych and Oligarchs: a Short or Long-Term Relationship?”) we reported on an alleged incident during a meeting attended by Rinat Akhmetov with President Yanukovych. Mr. Akhmetov’s representatives contacted us and denied that the incident took place. Backtracking the source, we were unable to find evidence to support the story and we have concluded that the report of the incident derived from rumor that we cannot substantiate. We retract the story in its entirety. Our apologies to Mr. Akhmetov and our thanks to him for bringing this to our attention.