Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 60

The Russian Supreme Court has upheld an appeal by Russian Public Television (ORT) against a decision by the Duma to suspend the accreditation of five ORT correspondents for one month. (ORT, Itar-Tass, March 25) The Duma reacted in anger on March 5 to what it considered the frivolous way in which ORT had reported its debates. ORT contested the suspension of its journalists, arguing that the Duma’s decision prevented them from performing their professional duties and violated their right to obtain information from parliament. ORT’s lawyer, Genri Reznik, said the decision was a victory for press freedom that might also have other positive results. He said the Duma had been ashamed at the image of itself it had seen reflected in the mirror held up by ORT’s programming, and that there was hope that members of parliament would in the future conduct themselves in a way appropriate to their status. (RT, March 25)

Prospects for Natural Monopoly Restructuring Increasingly Confused.