Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 76

Russian Orthodox PatriarchAleksii II told Argumenty i fakty this week that Lenin’sbody should be removed from the mausoleum on Red Square and buriedas his family had wanted. Aleksii said that the communists "werenot above using the tradition of revering saintly remains forthe creation of a new cult." Aleksii’s remarks may presagea breakthrough on this delicate issue: On August 16, the lastLenin statue was removed from the Kremlin itself. The Russianpatriarch recently has taken on a higher public profile: On August17, he said that the Russian Orthodox Church should take overthe humanitarian effort in Chechnya, Itar-Tass reported; and onAugust 16, he urged that Moscow block the activities of foreignmissionaries in Russia, Russian radio said.

Russia to Increase Sales of Shotguns to US.