Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 56

An article in the July19 Segodnya denounced Russian foreign policy in generaland Moscow’s approach in Yugoslavia in particular. Among its keyconclusions: "Moscow’s main foreign policy goal is to retainits military and political presence in the spaces of its formerempire. Worried that the fruits of stability in the former Sovietrepublics and satellite nations might go to its Western rivals,the Kremlin forgoes a true peacemaking policy in favor of a policyaimed at maintaining the status quo. In the Balkans, where thegreat powers have exhausted their reserve of tolerance, Russiabelieves that it is the only country playing a constructive role.But in this case, its consistent opposition to the use of forceis ineffective. The contact group partners use up their energyto maintain a consensus while the warring sides show no desirefor a compromise or peaceful settlement. Under these conditions,the messianic complex typical of Russian politicians is nothingbut self-deception that will have unfortunate consequences inregions and spheres far from the Balkan crisis."

Lebed to Run for Duma Seat.