Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 235

Security Council Secretary Ivan Rybkin met in Moscow yesterday with a delegation of the Cossacks protesters. Viktor Dhevtsov and Aleksandr Korobeinikov, representing the Terek Cossacks, asked that this group of Cossacks be included in the state register of Cossack forces and in public order patrols. Rybkin delegated his deputy, Leonid Maiorov, to work together with the Main Administration of Cossack Forces under the Russian president to examine their demands. (Interfax, December 16)

Rybkin also discussed the complaints of Stavropol residents over the fact that federal troops withdrawn from Chechnya are being stationed in Stavropol krai without the prior agreement of the regional authorities. Townspeople are angry because the troops have been billeted in bankrupt local enterprises. The regional authorities say they do not have enough money to provide the soldiers and their families with heating, sanitation and schools. (Interfax, December 16)

Yeltsin Could Meet Soon with Chinese Leader.