Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 6

Speaking on radio yesterday, Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze said that "combining political means with the use of force is the only way" to bring peace to Abkhazia. "The example of Bosnia very clearly demonstrates how this combination should be applied," Shevardnadze said. He noted that Russia and the United Nations possessed all levers needed for settling the conflict in Abkhazia along the lines of the Bosnia model. Shevardnadze also urged the international community to reject any legalization of the "ethnic cleansing" (of Georgians) in Abkhazia. (16) Almost 300,00 Georgians, more than 40 percent of Abkhazia’s population, were driven out of the republic in 1992-93 by Abkhaz irregulars supported by Russian forces. Although Shevardnadze will make a new attempt at the January CIS summit to enlist Russian support for refugee repatriation, he appeared to hint yesterday that he may appeal for international intercession if the Moscow summit fails to heed him.

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