Publication: Fortnight in Review Volume: 6 Issue: 7

Addressing the Georgian parliament, Kuchma listed the priorities of Ukrainian policy in the following order: “aiming for integration in the European Union, deepening partnership with the United States and strengthening cooperation with Russia and other CIS countries.” The Ukrainian-Georgian joint statement recorded the “common goal of integration in the European political, economic and cultural space.” This agenda reflects Kuchma’s recently obtained electoral mandate as well as Shevardnadze’s platform in his current campaign for reelection. Shevardnadze, moreover, reaffirmed in Kuchma’s presence the intention of Georgia to apply by 2005 for NATO membership. Aliev for his part declared in Kuchma’s presence that “the process of Azerbaijan’s cooperation with NATO is underway and proceeding normally. We shall continue on that road because it is the correct road. And if some country does not like it, let that be the business of that country.”