Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 3

Seoul will offer Russia approximately $1 million in technical aid to prevent pollution in the Sea of Japan, Russian television reported. (15) The offer follows on the heels of the announcement that the U.S. and Japan will jointly build a nuclear waste treatment facility in Vladivostok. As Moscow has moved to downgrade its relations with North Korea in recent years, those between Russia and South Korea have improved. In September 1995, the two countries reached an agreement allowing Russia to pay a portion of its $1.56 million debt to South Korea in military hardware. The two sides also announced that they would cooperate in the production of military technology. Also in September of last year, the prime ministers of Russia and South Korea signed a declaration in Seoul aimed at improving bilateral relations, particularly in the areas of trade, economic, scientific, and technical cooperation.

Iran Reaffirms Nuclear Research, Purchase of Russian Aircraft.