Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 21

Although the CIS presidents voted at Minskto extend the peacekeeping mandate in Tajikistan, their patience wasclearly wearing thin, Interfax reported. Only the seven countries whoare members of the CIS defense agreement participated in the decision,which extended the mandate and named a new, Russian commander there,Lt. Gen. Valentin Bobryshev, in place of Col. Gen. Valery Patrikeyev.Yeltsin indicated that he wanted a settlement soon, and Kyrgyzpresident Askar Akayev took the unprecedented step of reading a messagefrom the Tajik opposition. That group said its demands had beenmisrepresented: it has asked for a neutral government rather than acoalition one and seeks the return of refugees under UN supervision.Uzbek president Islam Karimov also indicated that he wants Dushanbe toreach an agreement with the opposition.

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