Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 55

Estonian foreign minister Siim Kallas yesterday told a news conference that the Russian Duma resolutions evidenced "an intention to recreate the USSR, which would pose a threat to the entire world. The world should be concerned, not just us." Kallas also discerned a positive side effect of the Duma’s action in that certain political circles "who had been considering working with [Russia’s] Communists and with others who call for the restoration of the USSR have now been motivated to rally against these views." This, moreover, "might make Russia’s foreign policy more realistic." (BNS, March 19)

As if to slightly substantiate that hope, Russia’s ambassador to Lithuania Nikolai Obertyshev yesterday presented himself to parliament chairman Ceslovas Jursenas with reassurances that the Duma’s action would have no effect on official Russian policy. (BNS, March 19)