Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 10

President Clinton’s two days in Kiev have been entirely different. Following meetings with President Leonid Kuchma May 11, Clinton pledged his “strong support” for Ukraine, its reforms, the Chernobyl cleanup, and Ukrainian cooperation on nuclear non-proliferation issues. President Clinton in addition pledged another $38 million for defense conversion projects and Partnership for Peace activities and $250 million for economic development. On May 12, Clinton visited the Ukrainian war memorial and the Babi Yar site of Nazi massacres of Jews. He also spoke at the University of Kiev. In a visit marked by smiles and cooperation, the only possibly jarring notes were Kuchma’s new insistence that NATO should expand, and a poll in the Ukrainian press showing that more than half of all Ukrainians felt Clinton was still more interested in Russia than in them, Kievskie vedomosti reported May 11.

Chechen Fighting Resumes.