Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 112

In a statement carried by Tiraspol media, Transdniester Supreme Soviet chairman Grigorii Marakutsa said that Tiraspol’s and Chisinau’s foreign policy orientations are mutually opposed: Transdniester wants to be closely allied with Russia and opposes NATO’s enlargement, whereas Moldova cooperates with NATO and seeks integration in Western political structures. Marakutsa said that Moldova’s closeness to the Balkans increases Tiraspol’s concerns about the future. He concluded that the situation necessitates the continued presence of Russian troops in the region. (15)

The statement reiterates a familiar position and does not inspire optimism about the prospects of Chisinau-Transdniester talks toward a political settlement, notwithstanding Chisinau’s offer to grant Transdniester a far-reaching autonomy in accordance with OSCE recommendations.

Latvia Prepared to Put NATO Mechanism to Test.