Publication: Monitor Volume: 4 Issue: 70

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Hennady Udovenko announced on April 9 that has submitted his resignation to President Leonid Kuchma in order to take up a seat in the country’s parliament. Udovenko was elected as a parliamentary deputy on the party list of the Rukh [Ukrainian Popular Movement] in the March 29 elections. His decision had been expected. His most likely successor is believed to be Boris Tarasiuk, currently Ukraine’s envoy in Brussels to both the Benelux countries and NATO. The Rukh is expected to propose Udovenko for a senior parliamentary post. (Ukrainian agencies, April 9 and 10). Udovenko is, concurrently, the chairman of the current session (September 1997-September 1998) of the UN General Assembly.

Ukrainian law no longer allows ministerial officials to be parliamentary deputies. At least seven cabinet members have won parliamentary seats in the March 29 elections and must now choose in which branch to serve.

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