Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 25

Reporting on a study of how Russians spend their day, Izvestiya on May 27 said that on average 91percent of Russians watch television every day, 50percent listen to radio, 41percent read a newspaper, and 11percent read a magazine. Their opportunities to listen to electronic media have increased dramatically in the last five years: 30 new private radio stations in Moscow and 10 in Saint Petersburg were established during that period, Smena reported May 24. Many of these operate in a completely unregulated manner, a development that has prompted some people to call for the reimposition of some kind of censorship, Trud said May 26. Some television broadcasters may soon not operate at all: Moscow has failed to pay transmission fees and regional relay stations are refusing to carry the programs any more, Segodnya reported June 2.

Northern Peoples Demand More Rights.