Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 103

Chechen resistance leaders returned home from Moscow via Ingushetia with an OSCE escort. Acting president Zelimkhan Yandarbiev told the press en route that Russian president Boris Yeltsin has "a real chance to end this dirty war" and help shape normal relations between Russia and Chechnya. But Yandarbiev said that the second day of negotiations in Moscow yesterday, with a Russian team headed by nationalities minister Vyacheslav Mikhaylov, failed to set up mechanisms for implementing and monitoring the ceasefire agreement and the exchange of prisoners. The sides will seek in the coming days to create two joint commissions for handling these problems. Yandarbiev praised the agreement’s stipulation on the mutual renunciation of the use of force but observed that it remained to be seen how the Russian side will observe it in practice. The Chechen side is prepared for "far-reaching compromises to show the world that we are fully determined to stop the war," Yandarbiev said. He declined to comment on the fact that Yeltsin had kept his visit to Chechnya secret from the Chechen delegation which learned of the visit from the mass media. (Russian and Western agencies, May 29)

Communists Would Continue to Cooperate with IMF, but Negotiate New Terms.