Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 88

A leading member of the Yabloko party, Duma deputy Vyacheslav Igrunov, has laid out the conditions under which party leader Grigory Yavlinsky would consider relinquishing his presidential bid in favor of Boris Yeltsin. In an interview published yesterday, Igrunov said that Yeltsin must first sponsor constitutional amendments giving up some of the president’s extensive powers. This would include giving the prime minister, instead of the president, the power to appoint the government. Second, prior to the June 16 election Yeltsin must unequivocally commit himself to appoint Yavlinsky as his prime minister. "These are our minimum conditions. If they are met, a coalition with Yeltsin is a possibility," Igrunov said. (Obshchaya gazeta, No 17, May 5-11)

Igrunov’s interview was particularly revealing since he is a leading member of Yabloko’s left wing, generally considered hostile to the Yeltsin government and relatively friendly to the Communists. He has been a proponent of a "third force" position for Yabloko since its creation in 1993. His influence in the party and with Yavlinsky has fluctuated in relation to Yabloko’s own relations with other political groups. At present, he is regarded as one of Yavlinsky’s closest associates.

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