Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 145

Visiting two privately-run farms in Samara oblast, where he is on holiday, President Boris Yeltsin yesterday reiterated his determination to reject the Land Code that has been approved by both houses of the Russian parliament. Yeltsin objects to the Code because it bans the free sale of agricultural land. He said he would pass the bill to a conciliation commission before returning it to the Duma for a repeat reading.

But Yeltsin also indicated that he had virtually given up hope of doing business with the Duma. He said he was in agreement with the cabinet that the government should tackle 80 percent of issues on its own, without referring to parliament, and that in the future only 20 percent of measures should be referred to parliament for approval. (Russian agencies, July 24)

Security Council Drafts Recommendations on Prigorodny District.