Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 60

BorisYeltsin told Ostankino television July 25 that he had had a "toughtalk" with the leadership of the Federal Security Service(FSB) when he introduced its new chief, Mikhail Barsukov, andhis two top deputies, Viktor Zorin and Anatoly Trofimov. Specifically,he told them that they must work harder to protect the countryagainst terrorism. Yeltsin also continued his reshuffling of thesecurity community, Kommersant-Daily and Moskovsky komsomoletsreported July 25. He named Maj. Gen. Yuri Krapivin actingdirector of the Main Protection Administration (GUO) and OlegPavlov as the new head of the Federal Agency for Hard Currencyand Export Control. The Moscow media was unanimous in its assessmentthat Yeltsin had appointed Barsukov to guarantee his control ofthe country’s largest counterintelligence service on the eve ofelections, but it is worth noting that one of Barsukov’s deputies,Viktor Zorin, has close ties to Premier Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Yeltsin Meets with Chernomyrdin.