Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 41

In a wide-ranginginterview in the June 27 Pravda, Russian nationalist leaderVladimir Zhirinovsky said that he believed Yeltsin’s policieswere leading Russia toward disintegration. To counter that trend,Zhirinovsky urged an expansion of the army, the expulsion of foreigngroups like the Soros Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment, andthe redivision of the country into 50 states. (That idea, firstbroached by Gorbachev in December 1991, is very much opposed byregional leaders, Segodnya said June 27.) In other remarks,Zhirinovsky said that his party now had 170,000 members and thatits newspapers had a total print run of 500,000. But he addedthat he did not expect there to be any elections in Russia thisyear or next.

Agrarian Party Threatens Extra-Parliamentary Action.