Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 122

Presidential candidate Gennady Zyuganov has formally complained to the Central Election Commission about what he says are the illegal campaign methods employed by the Yeltsin team. "The leaders of Russia’s constituent regions have been instructed to ensure Yeltsin’s victory at all costs," Zyuganov told a press conference yesterday. (Interfax, June 26) Similar instructions have been given to regional bosses and commanders of some branches of the armed forces, while banks have been forced to contribute to Yeltsin’s campaign funds, Zyuganov charged. He also accused the mass media, including state-run TV, of fanning anti-Communist hysteria, "instigating ethnic enmity and civil war." Zyuganov has a point. Much of the Russian media has supported Yeltsin’s reelection — the president has appeared on television virtually every day for the past four months — but it is unlikely that the Central Election Commission will act on Zyuganov’s complaint.

Yeltsin Revamps His Brain Trust.