Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 59

Following talks with U.S. secretary of state Warren Christopher March 22, Communist party leader and presidential candidate Gennady Zyuganov told reporters that he was interested in maintaining "good, predictable and friendly relations with the U.S." Zyuganov declared that he favored continuing dialogue between the two countries and "developing relations on a good-neighborly basis." He also suggested that his election as president would not change fundamentally the nature of U.S.-Russian relations because those relations are based on a strategic outlook that is not dependent upon the people in power. As he had in the past, Zyuganov also strove to emphasize that after coming to power, the Communists would not only maintain, but improve the business climate in Russia for foreign investors. (Interfax, March 22)

There was speculation, meanwhile, that a draft resolution condemning the U.S. secretary of state for "interfering in Russia’s internal affairs" was not considered by the Russian Duma March 22 because of the meeting between Christopher, Zyuganov, and other deputies scheduled for later that day. The Duma instead listened without voting to a mild statement made by the foreign affairs committee, which expressed regret for Christopher’s remarks. (Reuter, March 22) Christopher had characterized as "highly irresponsible" the Russian Duma’s March 15 vote which denounced the USSR’s disbandment.

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