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Washington Pushes Karimov Closer To Moscow

On July 15 Elizabeth Jones, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs, officially concluded her two-day visit to Uzbekistan, where she had met with the country's leadership and local representatives of several human rights organizations. On July 13, on the eve... MORE

Tashkent Largely Silent On Cut In U.s. Aid

The United States has slashed foreign aid to Uzbekistan by $18 million, according to a July 13 announcement by the State Department. The move was a calculated rebuttal to the Karimov regime over its lack of progress in human rights and democratic reforms. However, Tashkent's... MORE

Russia Signs Strategic Partnership With Uzbekistan

On the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Tashkent, June 16-17, a historic agreement was signed between Russia and Uzbekistan, which paves the way towards closer bilateral cooperation, as well as potentially undermining the significance of the role of the U.S. Russian... MORE

Uzbekistan Looks Toward Russia

The Uzbekistan population is receptive to the idea of returning Russia to Uzbekistan as an investor and strategic partner. A recent poll conducted in the Uzbekistan capital of Tashkent clearly indicated that people from diverse socio-economic groups and different ethnic backgrounds view the meeting between... MORE

Sco Summit In Tashkent: Breakthrough In Practical Cooperation

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Tashkent, currently in progress, marks a potentially significant strategic shift in the development of security bodies with real capability to act and promote stability within Central Asia. The success of the summit, in large measure, will be a... MORE

Karimov Moves Closer To Russian Fold

On June 2, the Russian Duma unanimously backed an agreement, originally signed in October 2001, on joint air patrols and the exchange of information, paving the way for the future joint use of the air and air defense forces of Russia and Uzbekistan (Interfax, Moscow,... MORE

Imu Regrouping Into New Movement

According to an unidentified official from the Northwest Frontier, Pakistani security forces have launched a search for the widow of a suspected Uzbek terrorist. Accused of establishing a training camp for female suicide bombers along the Afghan-Pakistan border, the woman's husband is said to have... MORE

Uzbek Foreign Policy: Looking To Moscow?

According to the headline of an article that appeared on May 6 in the Uzbek newspaper Narodnoe slovo ("People's Word"), "Uzbekistan considers Russia one of its most important economic partners." The publication of an article with such a title in a newspaper that has among... MORE

Wide Scale Arrests Follow Attacks In Uzbekistan

A series of terrorist acts that took place in late March and early April of this year in Uzbekistan took the lives of twenty-eight people. Sixteen terrorists were also killed in shootouts, and fifteen militants blew themselves up while detonating improvised explosive devices. Approximately fifty... MORE