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…and Set Course of Action Against Denmark

The following day, the mujahid strategy emerged in even more detail. Under the title "What now after the Denmark events?—A Plan of Action," an individual named Abu Maria al-Qurashi set out nine specific action points: • Intensify the boycott by appealing to the idea of... MORE

Mujahideen Consider Cartoon Crisis a Moment to Re-Define Islam…

The Danish debacle continues to generate a deluge of material on the jihadi forums. While most of these (when not a matter of personal expressions of outrage and calls for revenge) relate to the growing boycott campaign of Danish goods, at least one "official" statement... MORE

GSPC in Italy: The Forward Base of Jihad in Europe

Italy has evolved from a logistics base for Islamic militants to a de facto base of operations for Algeria's Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) targeting Italy, other European countries and the United States. While the GSPC continues to engage in and support terrorist... MORE


On January 24, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenka met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Constantine Palace near St Petersburg prior to a session of the Russian-Belarusian Supreme State Council. Lukashenka remarked that the integration process between the two states had taken on an irreversible... MORE

The Terrorist Threat to the Turin Olympic Games

After Rome's decision to take part in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Italy has been repeatedly threatened by Islamist terrorist networks. In an effort to single out the terrorists' most likely targets and to effectively organize counter-terrorist strategies and pre-emptive actions, analysts and senior Italian authorities have... MORE


On January 26-27, negotiations on the Transnistria conflict in the enlarged format of 5+2 (Russia, Ukraine, OSCE, Moldova, and the Tiraspol authorities as full participants, plus the United States and European Union as observers) concluded the third failed round of talks in the three months... MORE


President Viktor Yushchenko used the dual anniversary of Ukraine's unification into an independent state in 1919 and his own inauguration in January 2005 to provide concrete suggestions to escape the political crisis resulting from parliament's January 10 vote of no confidence in his government (see... MORE