China’s Quasi-Superpower Diplomacy: Prospects and Pitfalls

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Table of Contents

I.    Executive Summary

II.    Key Findings and Pointers to the Future

III.    Genesis of China’s Quasi-Superpower Diplomacy

IV.   No-holds-barred Projection of Hard Power—Expanded Role of the People’s Liberation Army

V.     A New Relationship with the United States: Cooperation and Contention on an Equal Footing

VI.   Projection of Financial Power

A.    Challenging the Predominance of the Greenback and other Bold Initiatives
B.    "Going-out policy" in Acquisition of Foreign Assets

VII. Other Major Thrusts of the PRC’s Quasi-Superpower Diplomacy

A.    "Red-Line Diplomacy"
B.    China’s Great Leap Outward: The Relentless Projection of Soft Power

VIII. Obstacles to Beijing’s Quasi-Superpower Diplomacy and Power Projection

A.    Sovereignty Disputes in the South and East China Seas—and China’s Growing Tension with ASEAN, Japan and India
B.    China’s Rise vs. the "Clash of Civilizations"
C.    China’s Domestic Politics as a Constraint on its Great Leap Outward

IX.  Conclusion: China and the World Must Learn to Adjust to Each Other

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