The Syrian Uprising: A Militant Leadership Monitor Report

In this “Special Report on The Syrian Uprising: A Focus on Parties and Leadership” we examine the roles of key religious, military, and political actors in the Syrian uprising. This 2012 Quarterly Special Report features five brand-new articles commissioned by The Jamestown Foundation and one highly relevant article from The Jamestown Foundation’s February 2012 Issue of Militant Leadership Monitor.

We focus not only on military and religious leaders poised to play divisive roles in Syria should the al-Assad regime fall, but also fifteen other leading opposition leaders who, although divided by sharp differences between their religious and secular affiliations, have taken advantage of the uprising to voice their calls for reform.

From the February 11, 2011 demonstrations in al-Hamidiyah Souq in Damascus through the April 2012 negotiations with the United Nations-backed peace plan we take you through the political history and reasoning behind the actions of various actors in The Syrian Uprising.

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