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Anti-Immigrant Sentiments in Russia Lurk Behind Deep Social Issues

 Executive Summary:  Anti-immigrant sentiments in Russia have led to a growth in inter-ethnic tensions and other hidden systemic problems, such as massive corruption concerning migration. The conditions under which many migrants live, such as “rubber” apartments, have become a perfect breeding ground for radicalization and... MORE

Learning From National Security Education Day

Executive Summary: The Comprehensive National Security Concept has expanded over the last decade to cover areas the People’s Republic of China (PRC) perceives to be its territory, which now includes the deep sea, space, and digital networks. Xi Jinping has pushed the totalizing conception of... MORE

Russia Combats Internet Freedom

Executive Summary: The conflict in Ukraine has prompted Russia to intensify its efforts to restrict internet freedom, leading to unprecedented measures against uncensored information and internet encryption. In response to censorship, Russian users have turned to VPN technology for accessing uncensored news. Russian officials are... MORE

Cossack Warriors From Russia and Abroad Meet in Moscow

On November 25, a “Big Circle” (Bol’shoi Krug) meeting of “over 200 delegates from 83 regions of Russia and 43 countries of the world” took place in Moscow to discuss Cossack issues and confirm the election of Chief Ataman Nikolai Dyakanov as leader of the... MORE

The Kremlin Prepares for Winter in Ukraine

Many observers of Russia’s war against Ukraine have been discussing what they term “an impending stalemate” on the battlefield (Kyiv Post, August 28; Euromaidan Press, November 4; The Moscow Times, November 11). Others have pushed for peace talks and formulated a future “Korea scenario” for... MORE

Ethnic Strife Resurgent in Russia

Anti-Semitic demonstrations in various cities in the North Caucasus marked the end of October. On October 29, in Dagestan, several hundred people broke into the Flamingo Hotel in Khasavyurt demanding the removal of Jews who had recently arrived from Israel (, October 29). On the... MORE